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About Us

Biofer SpA:
an italian history with a global vocation since 1985.

Our History

Biofer SpA is an independent Italian company, globally recognized for the development, production and marketing of different families of APIs and committed to promoting human well-being through scientifically advanced solutions of exceptional quality.

Since 1985, the company’s operations have been entirely focused on the various stages of development and production of several main categories of active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are at the heart of modern medicine and form the basis of most innovative and successful treatments: Iron Complexes, Heparins and Glycosaminoglycans, Steroids, Folinates and Enzymes.

The architects of a better future based on progress

Our in-depth knowledge of the chemistry of different categories of active pharmaceutical ingredients and our constant and tireless efforts made in the field of research and development enable us to offer flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of different types of customers.

Uncompromising quality:
Our priority, our promise.

We develop products in full and strict compliance with the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and hold all authorizations from AIFA (Italian Drug Agency) and the Ministry of Health recognized throughout Europe. In order to ensure maximum transparency and control, we constantly receive visits and inspections from our customers.

All of our productions are realized with the utmost attention to the environment and sustainability as evidenced by the UNI EN ISO 14001 & UNI ISO 45001 certifications we have achieved.

We are constantly investing in the most innovative and modern technologies, both in terms of API production and dosage forms, paying attention to different customer needs and regulatory requirements, in order to be able to always offer a customized service.
Our ASMFs (Active Substance Master Files) are approved almost worldwide and have passed inspections by the most stringent and demanding Regulatory Authorities, both in the chemical and biological fields.

Quality is not just a step in the process,
it is an ongoing responsibility.

From research and development projects to the marketing of the final product, we rigorously monitor each stage to ensure the quality we are committed to providing.

Our clients are present in more than 60 countries: we work with Ministries around the world and ensure high efficiency and quality. Our commitment is real and concrete: for each category of active ingredients in which we specialize we have a dedicated area, as well as ad hoc quality and regulatory expertise.

This allows us to forge productive partnerships with different types of clients, from small private companies to multinational corporations.


For Biofer, Ethics is an essential value. Over the years, we have developed a thorough code of ethics that regulates and guards internal and external relationships, along with a regulatory compliance system that allows us to work systematically and transparently.

We have been adhering to international regulations in the anti-corruption field for more than a decade.

We adopt, as of 2015, the management model in accordance with the Italian regulations of Legislative Decree 231/2001, thus characterizing ourselves by maximum prevention and attention to the risks to which our company may be exposed.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We manage our processes as responsibly as possible, as an ecosystem, recognizing how each of us is indispensable to the other in a process of mutual learning and co-evolution.

Biofer has signed an investment plan for sustainable and ecological growth: in particular, it aims toward energy self-sufficiency, by deriving its energy needs from renewable sources. This growth is possible because of the geographic location of our production headquarters and laboratories, located far from urban centers, with a concrete availability of physical space for expansion.

Sustainability, for us, means recognizing the strong interdependence between the enterprise and the system in which it operates, including the local community. We can contribute to the economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability of the societies in which we live, aware, from a shared value perspective, of the benefits to business when it is embedded in a system that thrives with them.

A History in constant evolution, with shared ethical values

A well-structured corporate organization, an extremely varied business experience with innovative internal strategies, and a clear vocation for excellence: these are our keys to lasting and successful partnerships.

Over nearly 40 years, the company has followed and accompanied the evolution and natural innovation inherent in the production and development of active ingredients in an ever-changing market.

And has done so by establishing itself as a point of reference for different types of customers and as a reliable, ever-present, innovative and flexible international and global partner.

A family history that, from the year of its founding to the present, has been able to constantly renew itself through the succession of different partners following clear and precise guidelines.
A history of important values: ethics, quality, presence, and reliability for partners, stakeholders, and customers worldwide.

Corporate Vision

Biofer’s commitment is also an ethical duty, which starts from the high values shared by all employees and embraces the global vision of succeeding in creating a better future for society.

Messengers of scientific knowledge and advocates of progress: we constantly engage in research & development for innovation and continuous improvement.

Our commitment also comes through the evolution of the company itself: since September 2021, along with the organizational and industrial headquarters in Medolla (MO), an executive office in Milan – a dynamic European and global hub – has also been added.
Among its many ambitious goals, Biofer also aims to create a new research center staffed by professionals and young people capable of expressing their full potential and putting their talents at the service of science.

Biofer's Human resources

Our Treasure

Fabrizio Gibertoni


Fiorenza Ferrari


Riccardo Morandi

Scientific Director

Giorgio Bruno

Board Member

Arrigo Bandera

Board Member

Matteo Bonalumi

Board Member

We are constantly investing in human resources to build a future to be proud of.

In the past two years we have recruited over 40 talents, increased female quotas and expanded our workforce. With each and every employee and new talent, we share a common long-term vision based on excellence and dedicated, skilled work.

A young, dynamic and highly specialized organization: Every day, more than 120 professionals work in Biofer to carry out ambitious and innovative projects.