Constant commitment and investment in our
R&D department provides the ongoing drive
for high level innovation.

Research & Development

We work tirelessly for the development of new generic drugs, employing state-of-the-art technologies that are specific to different therapeutic areas

Thanks to its lean and efficient organization and the employment of most talented resources, our R&D Department applies specific strategies focused on:

Developing generic APIs, which target different therapeutic areas

Optimizing active principles or manufacturing processes to achieve new applications

Developing special finite dosage forms

Developing nutraceutical products

Developing new patentable synthetic pathways for molecules and target organic complexes

Developing new patentable chemical entities

Developing organic product extraction

Patents and scientific bibliography - Constant selection

Our concrete commitment starts here

Our focused approach to the research and development of new therapeutic solutions, combined with the testing and implementation of new production facilities, enables us to tackle the most demanding challenges and anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s patients.

The R&D Team currently consists of highly specialized scientists, accounting for nearly 10% of the total number of employees in the company.

Biofer is now a strong, independent entity boasting the best talents and gaining a foothold, year after year, in an ever-changing global marketplace.

The results speak for themselves: we boast a constant average growth in R&D that has reached + 250% over the 2020-2022 period and more than 18 million euros of ongoing investment in the implementation of new production facilities.

Experience and innovation in the service of progress

The synergy between experience and innovation enables the company to compete internationally in the pharmaceutical industry and meet market challenges head-on, constantly introducing new technologies and methods to further improve processes and products.

A strong italian identity for a global impact

Biofer represents an Italian excellence in the pharmaceutical sector: an independent company whose core business is mainly international, but which maintains a strong bond with the local territory and community. The company’s commitment and dedication to their local area is a point of reference for residents: global success can also be built with firm roots and a strong local identity.

Looking to the future, backed by our experience

We aim at constant evolution and strive to create, in the short to medium term, a new research center with professionals and young talents at the service of science.

With the recent opening of an executive office in Milan, the company aims to become a dynamic reference point in Europe and worldwide, with the goal of hiring more and more competent young people to ensure sustainable growth and a better future.

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