Biofer has always invested in the growth and development of its staff: human resources are our true wealth.

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We are constantly looking for new talent to join our team of highly qualified professionals

When new resources join us, they can express their talents to the fullest: at Biofer, we help professionals best combine personal and work life offering them all-around support.

Our goal is to expand the team with people who are proud to be part of the company: we enhance the uniqueness of each individual resource and put them at the service of a close-knit team

Care and Enhancement Of Human Resources: Inestimable Wealth

We have created a solid corporate culture, strongly rooted in esteem, motivation and sharing.
We are proud that our team embodies the paradigm of multiple talents, sharing the common purpose of providing the market with the best possible products and services.

As a forward-looking company, we continuously invest in young talents and their professionalism by providing mentoring, training and growth activities within the company. Biofer’s employees present an average age of 35, of which 70% are women. Every day Biofer renew their commitment to promote a welcoming and respectful work environment.

We believe so strongly in the value of people that we constantly invest in hiring new talent.

At Biofer, we also periodically organize training courses on effective communication and the expression of emotions: the personal growth of each individual resource is crucial to the success of the company and the long-term vision that unites us.

Our professionals take the floor

Alessia Berardinelli

Supplier Qualification and Auditing Supervisor – Quality Area

“Quality, efficiency and product safety are the primary goals of the Quality Unit. In Biofer, expertise is combined with commitment through professionalism and acknowledgement. To be part of such a group means to be active and proactive players, for it is the ideas of individual resources, combined with their commitment and performance, that build the company from within. Biofer is for those who have something to give. Biofer is strength.”

Cinzia Benati

Customer Service Manager

"Just over 20 years ago I landed at Biofer, but in a short time I felt an active and responsible part of the company. My colleagues and our shared values have allowed me to become a link in a chain that, driven by ethics and foresight, faces the challenges of the market on a daily basis with a dynamic and professional approach. Everyone here at Biofer has a great common goal: growth. Attention to human resources, as well as the skills and constant commitment of every single person supported by a lively entrepreneurial spirit make Biofer SpA an amazing workplace.”

Gian Luca Sala

R&D Manager

“Being part of the Biofer team represents an opportunity to realize the dream of doing research aimed at the well-being of as many people as possible. Thanks to a close-knit multidisciplinary team of young and talented researchers, along with Biofer's penchant for innovation, incredible milestones have been achieved and many more are on the horizon.”

Elisa Bandiera

Quality Manager

“Being in charge and guarantor of the quality and safety of the active ingredients produced by Biofer allows me to make safe and effective generic drugs available to the greatest number of patients. To be able to do this requires ethics, transparency, competence, training and a sense of belonging. These are some of the characteristics that distinguish Biofer. I like to imagine the Biofer group as a large team where all roles and tasks concur to achieve the same goal.”

Paolo Zaghi

Production Manager

20 years in the company hand in hand with private life, from boy to family man from operator to Production Manager. A reality that with grit, enthusiasm and imagination gives the possibility to grow and make its own contribution to the development of the Company.

Maxim Arendarenko

Sales Manager

“Working at Biofer means being part of a close-knit team, driven by passion for their work and oriented toward constant growth and continuous improvement. The success of our company can be attributed to our people, to the complete synergy between the departments that creates a unique and compact organism capable of tackling the increasingly demanding and stimulating challenges.”

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