Experience and innovation serving a cutting-edge research & development strategy
for a production process aligned with the highest quality standards.


A Leader in the Development, Production and Marketing of Different Families of APIs Intended to Improve Global Health and Well-Being.

Since 1985, our operations have been focused on the development, production, and marketing of several families of APIs of biological and synthetic origin: from the use of advanced science come innovative and effective solutions to serve humanity.

Iron Complexes, Heparins and Glycosaminoglycans, Steroids and Folinates

These are the main families of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, which are the focus of the company’s activities, strictly adhering to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards to ensure the highest quality of their products.

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Thanks to its extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Biofer is able to support its clients at every stage of new product development, from the laboratory to industrial scale-up, providing DMFs (Drug Master Files), as well as complete and detailed pharmaceutical dossiers.

A shared commitment in different therapeutic areas to innovative treatments around the world

Our dedication and our way of working is reflected in a portfolio that spans several therapeutic areas: anti-anemics, anti-inflammatories, antithrombotic agents, antitumor adjuvants, antiallergics and steroids.

We make our products through several processes, including chemical synthesis (especially for irons and steroids) and extraction processes from liquids, organs, and animal tissues (especially for glycosaminoglycans and heparins).

To ensure quality excellence, we use specific and dedicated technologies integrated within a production site for the entire product platform.

Science-focused – Creating innovation, serving global health.